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Learning Tree jobs are available at our daycare and preschool locations in Beaverton, Hillsboro and Aloha. We work hard to have a teaching team filled with kind, positive and energetic teachers and you can feel the positive atmosphere upon entering our buildings. Learning Tree is a locally owned and operated child care center/preschool with a strong team spirit and a very supportive management staff. Our school’s in Beaverton, Aloha and Hillsboro are training and staff development focused and recognize the importance of acknowledging their teachers’ hard work and dedication. Learning Tree acknowledges the importance of a good work – family life balance for their employees and we do all that we can to help foster this for our staff.

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Daycare Teacher

Day care teachers are responsible for meeting the needs of the children in their classroom; nutrition, cleanliness, age appropriate activities and development. Our day care centers offers care for children 6 weeks-12 years old at our three centers. We have teaching teams that work with each age group individually. Learning Tree believes fun and learning go hand in hand and we work with all of our classrooms to ensure every child has a successful day.

Preschool Teacher

Our preschool teachers offer care for children 6 weeks- 12 years. We strive to offer an academic program for each age group: infants, wobbler/toddler, Jr. Preschool, Preschool, Pre-K, kinder prep and our private kindergarten program. Learning Tree follows a  structured curriculum. Each teacher writes their individualized lesson plans around our educational themes each week.

Top 3 Reasons Our Teachers Love Teaching at Learning Tree Schools

  1. Supportive & friendly management team
  2. Flexible schedules
  3. Paid continued ed and great benefits
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